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  • Anlagen für die Rückgewinnung von Beton

Anlagen für die Rückgewinnung von Beton

Euromecc has always paid special attention to environmental issues offering solutions to our customers in order to fully satisfy the requirements of current legislation. Euromecc concrete recycling systems solve the serious problem of the recovery of residual concrete and washing water of truck mixers and pumps.

Euromecc solutions:

The recycling system EUROECO is characterized by a compact structure.  Solid materials of residual concrete are washed through a screw. It allows the aggregates recovery with a diameter than 0.3 mm contained in the washing water of concrete mixers or pumps. The hourly capacity is 15 m³.

EURO-WASH is a concrete separator allowing, through a spiral system rotating inside the inclined drum,to separate solid materials over 0.15 mm diameter, discharging slurry water by overflow into storage tanks and re-using it again in the concrete production.
Three models are available with hourly capacity from 10 to 25 m³.


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