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Recycling of concrete

Euromecc always focused on environmental aspects, proposing to its customers solutions able to satisfy all requirements needed by regulation in force.

The company realizes turnkey projects for:

Washing and recycling of concrete
Euromecc systems for concrete recycling  solve the huge problem of recovering residual concrete and washing truck mixers and pumps.
Inertisation plants
Inertisation process makes manageable a waste material otherwise critical for consistency and/or chemical-physical features and inhibits the emission of polluted elements. This method involves:
- Transformation of the waste material with polluting elements trapped inside into a solid easy to manage.
- Disposal of waste material in dumps with inferior category, with reduced costs.
Systems for transportation and storage of loose materials

Euromecc produces several types of conveyors adaptable to customer needs.
We furthermore realize tanks and hoppers with different capacity for the storage of loose materials and liquids.

Machines and components

Euromecc developed an innovative line of machines and components such as: feeders, conveyor magnetic separators, milk lime dissolvers, agitators, drum washers and washing and aggregates’ recycling systems.

Euromecc always paid attention on environment offering to its customers solutions able to satisfy regulations in force. Systems for concrete recycling realized by Euromecc solve the demanding issue of residual concrete recycling and truck mixers and concrete pumps washing (EuroWash and EuroEco).

The Soil Washing, process of cleansing of sediments and polluted soils, usually related to abandoned or semi-abandoned areas, based on chemical-physical mechanisms, allows to isolate pollutants in the fine fraction.

The thermal desorption is done above all for polluted soils in order to vaporize volatile and semi-volatile organic pollutants present. 

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Recycling of Concrete